Smile Designing

Smile Designing

Everyone wishes to have a perfect smile. With more and more people giving importanceto their appearance and grooming, Smile Designing has become a very important branch in dentistry. Smile Designing is the process by which you can enhance the appearance of your smile through one of the cosmetic dental procedures. Digital Smile Designing helps the patient achieve their desired smile. Through a series of photos the final outcome is displayed without even having started with the treatment.

Who needs Smile Designing?

If you are very particular about your looks

If you have a specific smile design that you want to achieve

If you want to do some correction with your existing smile

Corrections that are possible through Smile Designing

Improvement of tooth color

Crooked teeth/Gaps between teeth/ overlapping teeth can be corrected

Dental Implants/ Dentures can help fill the gaps left by a missing tooth that affects the overall appearance of the smile and the functionality of the mouth.

Maintaining a balance through the removal of uneven, cracked or chipped teeth

With age, the teeth become discolored and the mouth becomes unshapely. This can be corrected through Smile Designing.

Evaluations by the dentist before going for Smile Designing

Smile Line: Smile Line is the imaginary line that differentiates the upper and the lower edges of the teeth. The edges of the upper teeth when measured from side to side should ideally be the same as curve of the lower lip when one is smiling. This is one of the important factors considered by dentists while doing a Smile Makeover.

Tooth Length: The shape and length of the tooth is evaluated by the dentist in order to suggest the correct shape and length for a Smile Makeover. A round shaped face can be made to look slimmer by shaping the teeth square and increasing the length of the teeth.

Ideal Proportion: The ideal tooth proportion is to have the two central front teeth (Incisors) that are relatively bigger than the canines and the molars. The width to length ratio of four is to five is the ideal one that is compared with that of the patient.

Personality: The smile can be designed according to the personality of the individual. Be it masculine or feminine; bold or timid; long or short; all these are evaluated by the Dentist before suggesting the perfect solution.

Post Treatment Care:

Smile makeovers are done as a permanent solution to your smile woos. But at the same time, proper care and maintenance of the teeth is required in order to have a long life.Colored teeth need regular dental visits to retain their brightness. Similarly dental crown, veneers and gum improvements need regular checkups by Dentists in order to improve their longevity.At Swastik Dental Care, we offer specialized Smile Design service in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune.

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