Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Children - Pediatric Dentist

Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry that specialises in various dental treatments for children. Considering the increasing rate of unhealthy eating habits among children and lack of proper oral hygiene, Paediatric Dentistry has a major role to play.

Preventive dental care in children

Dental care in children should start from the day their first tooth erupts. As a precaution among infants, avoid them sleeping with the milk bottle in their mouth. After every feed serve water or clean their mouths with water. Among older children, regular brushing should be done twice a day. Rinsing the mouth after eating anything is a good practice. Sweets/ fried food or any other sticky food should be served during meals so that they get washed down along with the normal food.

Different Types of Treatment for Children

Paediatric Dental Fillings: When the damage to the tooth is limited to its surface and has not penetrated the pulp, dental fillings can be done.

Pulpectomy : Pulpectomy is the root canal treatment for milk teeth. When the nerve or pulp of the primary teeth is infected, it is cleaned, disinfected and filled after which a crown is placed to restore the affected tooth.

Space Maintainers: Space Maintainers are used when the primary tooth is lost before the permanent tooth is ready to come.The primary tooth acts as a guide and gives direction for the growth of the permanent tooth. In the absence of the primary tooth, Space maintainers help in keeping the space open for the permanent tooth to grow.

Habit Breaking Methods/Appliances: Certain habits like thumb sucking, lip biting, nail biting Tongue thrusting etc. are detrimental to the good health of the tooth and gums. If left untreated, they can cause gum diseases and a change in the position of the jaw or teeth. Habit breaking appliances are custom made and can be removable or fixed. They help a child to get rid of such habits.

Advantages of Pedodontists

Pedodontists are specialists who understand the dental problems among children very well. They are trained to understand the psychological and physiological behavior of a child. With their friendly approach, they help a child to overcome his/her fears and fully cooperate during the treatment. At Swastik Dental Care, we have one of the best teams of Pediatric Dentists in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune.

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